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Boat Building
Our experienced staff has been utilizing fiberglass, wood and high tech composites.  We have been in the boat building business for over 25 years building numerous different designs in power, sail and wing-in-ground effect craft.

The wing-in-ground effect craft, known as Seajet, has been in the developmental stages for several years.  Our company has redesigned and rebuilt this craft for a present customer and is presently undergoing Coast Guard approval.  The craft, which is a boat, water taxis through the water and then lifts off the water and flies in ground effect 6-10 feet above the water at approximately 100-125 MPH.  Once approved by the Coast Guard, the craft will be in ferry operation in the Caribbean.

Our company has expanded into the computerated design and manufacturing industry with a CNC Router, which allows us to cut up to 8x4 sheets of plywood, plastics and thin aluminum.
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CNC Routing
With our precision router we are able to cut plywood, plastics and thin aluminum.  We can also digitize shop patterns up to 8x4 sheets, cutting any design you may need.  We can also do 3D profile work.  Our customers applications have been for cutting of mold stations in boat building, cutting sign patterns, cutting sign molds and cabinet making. 
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Fiberglass Signs
Our company is presently working with an aluminum sign company making signs in fiberglass rather than aluminum.  Any sign can be fabricated from your exact dimensions and specifications. 
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Mold & Pattern Making
Our experienced staff can build plug shapes and cast fiberglass molds off the plug shapes, we can also build the parts in fiberglass, carbon fiber or e-glass composites with our vacuum bagging capabilities.  Our company can digitize your shop patterns into AutoCAD computer files and also generate cutting files to cut your specific pieces.
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Precision Machining/Welding
Our metal cutting department, which is staffed with 25 years of experience, has a Wells Index Vertical Milling Machine, 16" Swing Lathe and a 6" Swing Lathe for your machining needs.  We utilize a tig welder, mig welder and stick welder which is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable technicians to fully service your welding needs.
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Our company can build jigs and fixtures to your specific needs as we did for NUSC (Naval Underwater Systems Center) when we made their drilling jig which was used to drill fiberglass torpedo tubes.
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